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Striker PPW

New in our assortment are the Striker dunnage bags. This dunnage bag, like the Tiger and Gorilla, is made of high-quality polyethylene liner and a woven polypropylene outer layer.
The Striker owes its name to the valve of the same name. The advantage of this specific valve is that the inflator you attach to it, can turn 360°. In addition, this dunnage bag is feasible in a 3D version (Square Bag), so that even larger spaces can be filled.

Striker PPW properties:

  • Constant air pressure, no dunnage bags with too high or too low pressure.
  • Quick fill; more bags can be positioned per time unit.
    Filling one of our dunnage bags requires approximately one quarter of the time it takes to fill another dunnage bag.
  • Re-use of the Tiger dunnage bag lowers the investment in securing of cargo.
  • Increased safety for your personnel, the bags cannot be over-inflated.
    Exploding dunnage bags is out of the question from now on.
  • Ergonomically designed inflation tools.

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