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Tiger PPW

Cader proudly presents the latest development in dunnage bags called the Tiger PPW. Not only the type of material used for a dunnage bag is important for the application, but also the type of filling system is an important aspect for the correct choice of a dunnage bag. The Tiger PPW dunnage bag is produced with the patented TurboFlow valve.

Tiger PPW properties:

  • Constant air pressure, no dunnage bags with too high or too low pressure.
  • Quick fill; more bags can be positioned per time unit.
    Filling one of our dunnage bags requires approximately one quarter of the time it takes to fill another dunnage bag.
  • Re-use of the Tiger dunnage bag lowers the investment in securing of cargo.
  • Increased safety for your personnel, the bags cannot be over-inflated.
    Exploding dunnage bags is out of the question from now on.
  • Ergonomically designed inflation tools.