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Slipsheets are being used to replace pallets during transport. A big advantage of the slipsheets is that companies can load a larger volume in a container.

Slipsheets are available in 3 different qualities:

  • Paper slipsheets (solid)
  • Ecoload® slipsheets
  • Plastic slipsheets

In order to be able to process slipsheets, one must possess Rollerforks or a push-pull system.

Some of the advantages of using slipsheets versus pallets are:

  • Slipsheets are much lighter in weight than a pallet
  • Slipsheets can be customized to fit any size load
  • Slipsheets are reusable
  • Slipsheets are recyclable
  • Slipsheets are cost-effective
  • Slipsheets are moisture-resistant
  • Slipsheets are not covered by the ISPM 15 regulation for heat treated pallets;
  • Slipsheets minimize occupied warehouse space

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