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Reddi-Crate® / Transport crates

Reddi-Crate® is a patented, U-shaped cardboard transport packaging, especially developed for packing and transporting long objects. Reddi-Crate® consists of two parts: a bottom and a top that fit together perfectly and can be glued, strapped, nailed or stapled. Together they form the whole for this transport crate. Reddi-Crate® has rigidity characteristics similar to those of a wooden crate. Thanks to the rigidity of Reddi-Crate® you can pack heavy steel axles, but also highly fragile glass tubes. Reddi-Crate® is manufactured from 100% recyclable material.

Advantages of
Reddi-Crate ®
Reddi-Crate® vs.  wooden boxes:Reddi-Crate®  vs. Cardboard boxes
Easy to processNo knots and splintersBetter pressure and perforation resistance
Easy to assembleNo joints or nailsReddi-Crate® doesn’t bend and ensures perfect rigidity, even with long  lengths
Safe to useReddi-Crate® doesn’t abrade and is shock absorbingContrary to common crates, Reddi-Crate®  can be stacked and stay stable during transportation
LightweightPossibility for printing (marketing tool)Easy to move and process or adapt
100% Environmentally friendlyOptimizes storage
Easy to move
Lightweight; thus lower  transport cost

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